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Handling Methods

  1. Sprinkle liberally on prewashed/cleaned food then Cook and enjoy =)
  2. For extra zip, add squeeze of fresh citrus after cooking, yum =)
  3. Make a marinade, add food to plastic freezer bag (or other container) with some citrus juice (lime, lemon, orange, pineapple), wine/sherry, or vinegars (apple cider, red wine) (not much, a few tablespoons usually coats enough) add the Spice Rub to the bag, close, and shake, let marinade for few hours to overnight. When cooking use the leftover marinade on the almost finished morsels =)
  4. Spice rubs are delicious on nuts, and popcorn, just use a little oil or butter (to help the Spice coat) then sprinkle Spice over it and shake.
  5. Make a zippy sauce, by bringing wine, beer, sherry, brandy, rum, etc to a high simmer (bubbly a lot), in saucepan with a good spoonful of Spice Rub, then, while whisking/stirring, melt butter into liquid until silky texture, use immediately on anything, =)
  6. Use your Imagination, and let us know =)


Mixed into crab cakes
Sprinkled on sweet corn
Shaken or stirred into a Bloody Mary
Incorporated into the flour for dredging pan-fried fish
Incorporated into the flour for dredging pan-fried chicken
Dumped into gumbo
Stirred into gazpacho
Strewn atop a baked potato
Season your sausage, and dried meats
Stirred into egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad
Sprinkle on Pizza
Season your Rice
Tossed with popcorn
Whisked into egg omelets
Swirled into soups and stews
Stirred into tartar sauce, mayo, or sour cream
Dissolved in a brine for pork or poultry
Sprinkled in bread crumbs for, well, just about anything
Mashed into deviled eggs
Mix into (beer) batters for fried shrimp, chicken
Mixed into the coating for onion rings
Heaped on homemade potato chips
Mix into burgers and meat loafs
Make a seasoned butter
Rubbed between the meat and skin of a hen prior to roasting
Sprinkled on homemade tortilla chips as they’re pulled from the oil
Tossed with french fries
Incorporated into stuffing
Combined with hummus
Strewn on crawfish, crab, shrimp